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fairies at the fountain
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i hate being a science major because a lot of the kids in my classes are so obnoxious and rude and they think they’re the most intelligent being on the planet, like einstein’s second coming or something and it’s like no shut the heck up you’re literally a nerd. but you’re not even a good nerd because you don’t do the homework and then argue with all of our professors and try to them they’re wrong all the time

frick papers get failing grades o heck yea

im too tired to think how am i supposed to do hw


also me and my bf finished madoka magica today and he held me as i cried about magical girls without questioning anything he is the perfect man i’m going to start planning our wedding

i tried to check my url tag to see if anyone posted anything for me but omfg instagram is literally the bane of my existence

happy national wing women weekend! Time to party 💁 thanks @BenefitCosmetics & @Birchbox #BeautyBash 💕

i just want link to come over so we can do manicures 

idc what anyone says hyrule warriors is so much fun pls go buy it if u can

i’m so mad i got through the first level and my wii u froze like r u serious…….


more words of advice: never trust the fart

a word of advice to everyone: if you’re ever thinking about becoming a chemistry major


i have had that gosh darn taylor swift song stuck in my head for the past five days now please get out of my mind you dang melody of  satan