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fairies at the fountain
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my mk8 favorite

i miss when i was 14 and i had internet friends that i would talk to until like 3 am every morning about nothing on AIM and AOL

lexiferrising replied to your post: my back to school goals: feel free to…

hi! sorry this isn’t really a tip, but several days ago i sent you an ask regarding a resource post for cheaper textbook alts. i tagged you in it, but i’m worried the ask never went though. sorry if it did and i’m— oh you just liked it NEVER MIND

haha i had it bookmarked in chrome and i was just looking at it again!! so i liked in on tumblr. thank you again! 

my back to school goals: feel free to comment. give me ideas, tips and tricks! any links to those resources/masterpost lists are welcomed too

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i love all these pop songs coming out about big butts it makes me so proud of my booty 

someone please recommend me a store to buy a cute purse!!! i need one big enough to put a 15” macbook pro in!!!!!!!! i’ve looked at target, forever21, macy’s, jcpenny’s and um pretty much every store that can be found in a mall is there a good online store??? and i only want to spend a max of like $75 on it

narutosdilf asked: this friendship is OVER

actually when i got cormag with another character and i liked them pretty equally i picked the other person on purpose CAUSE I DIDN’T WANT TO MAKE MOVES ON YO MAN OKAY i was being a good fRIEND …..i didn’t want him being too high up on my list u might get suspicious

my magvel top 30 as per the fe8 character sorter ……[franz fo lyfe]