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yeah mine does that a lil too but i’ve found no matter what powder sits better on mine. when i put on liquid (and ive noticed this on some other people) you can just see it so clearly a lot of the time? like it coagulates on the drier parts or sth

omg it does, i made the mistake of putting revlon colorstay on thinking “OH THIS COVERS EVERYTHING IT’LL COVER MY DRY PATCHES” and omg no it like absorbed all of the foundation in the area and it looked like i had stuck soggy frosted flakes onto my face and then covered them in foundation

I’m too tragically pale for real people makeup and I have a concealer stick that’s literally just labelled “white” instead of a real color name

i feel ur pain…..i bought a foundation that was called “light porcelain” and it made me look tan

Anonymous asked: I'm a guy who really likes wearing makeup but I have no idea really how to put it on myself or use what works best for my skin and color are there any like beginners tips into getting into the stuff? :(

THIS IS LONG and i keep adding to it omg ok

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Have you used the UD Naked skin primer man that thing works wonders!!!

not yet, it’s on my sephora wishlist. i’m currently trying to use up the last of my benefit porefessional before i go buying more primers (though i have like 8 drugstore ones that i haven’t touched lol)

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I bought a colorful eyeshadow palette the other day and its so perfect i almost dont wanna ues it

use it!!!! smear it all over your face. use it as war paint. turn yourself into a na’vi person from avatar. bathe in it. dump it all out on the floor and roll around and make sweet luv to that eyeshadow palette mmm

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I really like mac’s pro studio foundation??? i’ve tried tons of stuff and it seems to be the only thing that actually conceals all my gross acne scarring, and i’ve tried like hourglass koh gen doh tarte benefit makeup is hard jfc

SEE i always go into mac cause i really want one of their foundations and the pro longwear concealer (or something like that) but whenever i go the mac section in macy’s the workers are so not welcoming and intimidating that i’m like….okay??? i guess i won’t buy that today??? and i don’t like ordering foundation online. that’s why i usually shop at sephora, they’re all so nice and friendly and “oooh let me put makeup on your face!!” not all WHAT DO U WANT LIL GIRL

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i have bareminerals and its really awesome, but i have somewhat dry skin so thats why liquid foundation looks real bad on me

my skin has this five day cycle of being really oily, to normal, to some dry patches and an oily T-zone, and then to being the sahara desert. and then sometimes it has what i like to call a “facial meltdown” where all of my skin turns bright pink and it starts flaking off it’s gross and i think that’s why i’m having such a hard time with foundations!!!!! i literally need 5 different ones to match all the possible ways my skin decides to be when i wake up in the morning and ooo yea, bareminerals just came out with a serum foundation i really want to try!! 

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I went to sephora and they had like a foundation match computer thing? so I got a nars sheer matte foundation that’s sooo nice. I’m really pale and it’s hard to find makeup that matches so I’m really glad

ahh that’s how i found my foundation shade!! once you’ve used it for a while let me know how it is, nars is the one brand i haven’t really started using yet

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tarte foundation is not worth the price tag IMHO

yeaaaah i bought the amazonian clay 12 hours “full coverage” foundation which is really nice, but it’s not full coverage and it does not last 12 hours, ugh. but it’s one of few foundations that doesn’t irritate or horribly dry out my skin so i held onto it

i’ve heard such great things about their mineral foundations but i’m reluctant to spend $40 on it 

i just bought amazing foundation that matches my skin PERFECTLY it was expensive but worth it

which one??? i’ve been looking for a good foundation forever and i’ve been eyeing some stuff from tarte and the jouer matte moisture tint for a while now 

who wants to talk abOUT MAKEUP

Anonymous asked: What theme are you using? :)

i got it from here! it’s called wave theme

i’m cleaning out my ask box now and i just want to say that if you sent me an anon message and i never responded i’m so sorry! i tend to check my messages on break at work and then i forget to respond and they sit in there for months… 

Anonymous asked: i just finished wind waker and now i feel so empty and i don't know what to do.

play it again!!

i changed my theme!!!!!!!

6 selfies??? 



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