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Our fifth annual Zelda for Eternity marathon begins tomorrow (July 29th) at 6 PM EST. As always, expect 120+ hours of nonstop Zelda, all in the effort to raise money for Child’s Play Charity and entertain our always appreciated fans of the marathon.

Check out our line up for this year!

1 – Twilight Princess (pt.1) – Elias
2 – A Link to the Past – Garrett/Danny
3 – Link’s Crossbow Training – Garrett/Danny
4 – Zelda Game and Watch – Garrett/Danny
5 – BS The Legend of Zelda – Garrett/Danny
6 – Twilight Princess (pt. 2) – Elias
7 – Wind Waker HD – Shank/Elias
8 – Phantom Hourglass – Elias
9 – Skyward Sword – Shank
10 – Majora’s Mask 3 Heart Challenge – Mike
11 – Ocarina of Time – Shank
12 – ZU Fangame Exclusive Demo Feature: Timeless Haven– Elias/Shank
13 – A Link Between Worlds– Emhave

As shown above, among these features will be a a very popular fan game. Exclusive to ZE, a preview of the beta demo of Zelda Universe’s “Timeless Haven” will be showcased as a blind run by Elias and Shank. ZU’s team is working hard on furthering development, so we’d like to promote their current progress!

Anyway, Zelda for Eternity is always a blast. Don’t miss out on the fun and join us at 6pm EST tomorrow (the 29th of July) for the fifth annual summer marathon!

please spread the word and watch it if you can! this is for a great cause

i’ve spent the last hour and a half doing club nintendo surveys and i still have a few more to do at this point i;m getting lazy and i sincerely apologize to whoever has to read my worthless surveys

i spent too much money at sephora this morning

official merch design for pantless marth con 2k14


ok. so u mean to tell me that u wear a hat all the fricken time yet you don’t have hat hair. ur hair looks fresh from the salon all the time? i call foul play

in this level of hyrule warriors link is very pleased w/ his giant swingly ball toy and fullmetal alchemist cosplay arms

of course the first thing i’m gonna do with my new camera is have a kitty photoshoot

6 selfies??? 

Track: becca finally sees exactly what you think i showed her


i was on a skype call with becca and shes never seen this so

i don’t know anything about how real relationships work because on the first day i ever met my current boyfriend he pretend proposed to me and then we would only talk via text message as if we were actual husband and wife like “honey i ironed your blue shirt and left it with a matching tie on the dresser!” and “tell little billy he better finish his homework before baseball practice!” and i’d write him fake love notes and leave them in his notebooks AND IT WAS ALL A HUGE JOKE and then eventually we were like lol i think i actually like you now??? and boom i got my soulmate and literal perfect man…..fake it until you make it, kids

who wants to add me on snap chat

cleaning out my closet with the help from my little assistant, except she’s just sleeping on my clothes except putting them on the hanger!